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Celebrate Holi With Me!

Holi, the Festival of Colors is here, marking the arrival of Spring! Step into this book and watch Riya and her friends immerse everyone in a spectacular carnival of colors, while learning the story of Prahlad and why we celebrate Holi!

‘Celebrate Holi With Me!' is part of the series 'From The Toddler Diaries' and celebrates Holi as experienced by 3 year old Riya. Presented in poetry and color, ‘From The Toddler Diaries’ is designed to drape parents and children in vivid hues of India’s cultural fabric.

Celebrate Holi With Me! Children's book on Holi, Picture book, Festival of Colors

Dol Jatra, Phagwah or Fagu

Call Holi what you may,

Old or young, boy or girl

All together we will play!

I spray my friend with my pichkari,

And smear abeer on his face,

We throw balloons on each other

And many others join the chase.



Celebrate Holi With Me! is available on Amazon and other bookstores near you.

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